From the Start

Land acquisition for Stonelick State Park began in 1948. A dam across Stonelick Creek was completed in 1950. This beautiful park was originally created to provide a wildlife area for Ohio’s sportsmen. Now the area is operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Parks and Recreation and offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

Friends of Stonelick State Park formed in 2001 to help preserve and protect the parks educational and recreational offerings beyond what can be supported by tax dollars alone.

Friends of Stonelick State Park is a group of volunteers working hand in hand with park staff to benefit Stonelick State Park by enhancing its beauty and perserving its natural resources while offering activities and projects that improve park guests visits.

Many individuals have generously donated precious time to preserve and enhance this unique park. Their contributions of time, energy and commitment is greatly valued and much appreciated.



Our Mission

To serve as a volunteer organization
for support and maintenance of the park.
Working together,
we will assist Stonelick State Park staff
in achieving their goals by providing
quality services, recreational facilities
and educational programs for park guests.


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Friends of Stonelick State Park, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) organization chartered by the Ohio Secretary of State in September 2001