From the Start

Friends of Stonelick State Park formed in 2001 to help preserve and protect the parks educational and recreational offerings beyond what can be supported by tax dollars alone.

Friends of Stonelick State Park is a group of volunteers working hand in hand with park staff to benefit Stonelick State Park by enhancing its beauty and preserving its natural resources while offering activities and projects that improve park guests’ visits.

Many individuals have generously donated precious time to preserve and enhance this unique park. Their contribution of time, energy and commitment is greatly valued and much appreciated.

Our Visions for the Future:

  • Continue park events and fundraising
  • Increase public awareness
  • Increase our volunteer program
  • Continue efforts to enhance quality service
  • Continue educational programs for park guests and the surrounding community
  • Continue efforts to preserve and protect the parks natural habitat
  • Erect a playground in the park
  • Upgrade the beach area
  • Build a canoe launch area on Sycamore Grove