The Friends of Stonelick have accomplished so much over the years through the generosity of our volunteers, patrons, park staff, and donators.


Some of the Friends many accomplishments:

  • Constructed a picnic pavilion with storage facilities in the campground

  • Enhanced the amphitheater by adding 100 seats purchased from Riverfront Statium

  • Replaced the movie screen at the amphitheater and paved walkway to the amphitheater

  • Added adequate lighting at the amphitheater

  • Completed a walkway from the “Gary Bloom Picnic Pavilion” to the shower house

  • Organize fundraisers with all proceeds benefiting the park

  • Seek funding assistance through grants and generous donors

  • Assist Park Staff and management

  • Maintain the Friends of Stonelick website

  • Coordinate a park calendar of seasonal events

  • Continue efforts to preserve and protect the parks natural habitat